Retro Lighting style

Interior lighting plays a big role and is very important in any space or home design. You can use the light to manipulate the atmosphere in the room. The right position of the lamp and size gives a great effect. Retro Lights is back, the style of the previous era is very interesting today and popular. We have lights that come from the period of the 1920s to the 1980s. In our opinion they are mandatory if we want to achieve a unique vintage industrial style. Retro industrial lighting is perfect if you want to achieve great style in your restaurant, cafe, shop, bar or many other reatil spaces.

Remember, in our Retriko store you will find only original light fixtures from the last century. We don’t produce new lamps, we find the forgotten lights, then we renew them. Buy our retro style lighting to complete the space’s look in your home, restaurant or any other interesting place.

About our Retro Lighting Fixtures from 1920s to the 1980s

Retriko has been sourcing retro lights from the factories of the eastern europe and uk (learn more about salvage lighting). Our retro lighting will go to many places like shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, offices and various private projects around the world. Retro industrial lighting brings incredible character, history and quality to the interior. This is a great way to create a unique style of your interior that you can feel. Be sure to check out the projects to see how people used our lighting.

Our lamps are located in many places in the world, they come from interesting locations. Most often we save them from destruction, while workers are demolishing the building without paying attention to the lamps. We are only looking for lighting that meets our requirements. So these are products from the years between 1920s and 1980s. Today no one is producing such lamps, now profits are very important. That’s why companies reducing their production costs have started to create lamps with cheap materials and poor style. We are very pleased that each country has a different style. Retro lighting uk is completely different than the lighting from Eastern Europe. For example, in former Czechoslovakia, the black color of the lamps is very characteristic and popular.

Choose vintage not modern retro lighting

What is the difference between our old lamps and the modern ones? Modern retro lights are something completely different – of course, they refer to the style of those of the last century. However, they have updated components, such as other material from which they were made, and light bulbs. Today’s bulbs differ from those of the previous era. Very popular today are energy-efficient LED bulbs. Our lamps are adapted to modern standards and LED technology. LED bulb is a better option, consumes much less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. For example, a traditional incandescent bulbs consumes 60w and has a lifetime of about 1.000 hours. Typical 12w LED light bulb have a lifetime of 25,000 hours

Originality, Uniqueness and History – these are the main advantages of vintage retro lighting. This product will surely add history to your interior that modern lighting can not deliver. Remember, our lamps are original and they are usually over 50 years old. They have traces of use and are adapted to modern standards. They come from various places like factories, mines, schools, military space – mostly from eastern europe. Decades ago, the design of the lamps was better thought out. This way, hundreds of different models have been created around the world. From time to time we find a model which we’ve never seen. This is something wonderful, there are so many different styles.


Every retro lighting industrial goes through a restoration process. It all depends on the condition of the lamp and what effect we want to get. However, we can distinguish the basic work that we do in every lighting. Very often we find models that after so many years, are in excellent condition. However, always every lamp needs some work to be ready and efficient.
The most important thing is to replace the basic electrical components. We replace all old, mostly porcelain lamp holders. We change the screws to new ones and hooks if needed. At the end, we change old cables to these new ones using modern materials. Our retro fixtures is very old so it’s very important to replace all the basic elements. We adapt our lights to the latest modern electric standards. At many stages we often use other experts’ services, for example when we need lacquering. We also use soda or sandblasting services. (Soda is better for the environment).
Next step

Our next task is to make a product photo. To do this, we take our lamp to the studio where the photos are taken. Our goal is to show you how our light looks like from a different perspective. Then having finished photos we go to the last stage. We collect as much information as possible about our lights, origin and history. Finally, ready retro lights are in our store available for you.

Retro Style Lighting for modern use

This type of light can be used in many places. Vintage retro lights perfectly fit in modern interiors and old ones. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve. Our lamps looks great in the Domestic, Bar, Restaurant, Hotel, Pub, Cafe and Retail spaces. If you care about something stylish, unique and original, then you’ve come to the right place. Our store contains only original vintage retro lighting of the last century. We are trying to enrich our offer with products from different countries ( Our most popular region is Eastern Europe ). This way you have a choice among many different styles and interesting models.

Finding and restoring lights will always be our main part of the job. Each product has its own history and origin. If you have any questions about our products then please contact us.