Each of the vintage lamps that you find on our website comes from somewhere. It could be a mine in the south of Poland, a factory in the Czech Republic, an abandoned hospital in the UK or other countries from eastern and western europe.

vintage industrial lighting ukHow we find the lamps

We acquire lamps from many different places, we have contacts with many people from different countries who help us find something new. We are interested in lamps from the previous epoch that differ from the others that they are solid and have a unique style. It is very important from which country they come from, because usually each country has its own style of lamps. That is why today we can admire so many interesting reclaimed lighting uk, eastern europe or any other place in the world.
Often we get lamps from the demolition, or we travel to places where there are old buildings and in which we can salvage this type of lights .
The places from which the lamps come are very interesting. We do not know the history of all the lamps, but collect information if possible, then add them to the description of each vintage industrial lamp where you can read more about the particular model later.

Adaptation of reclaimed lighting to modern times

This is a very important process, because lamps come mostly from the 1920s to the 1970s. They are in better or worse condition, but it is very important that other standards and safety standards are in force today. It is imperative to provide new electrical wiring, lamp holder and other components that are part of the lamp and which must be replaced since they have been in poor condition for so many years. Of course there are models that are almost in perfect condition, but for safety reasons all our lamps have new electrical components that have the appropriate approvals. We always recommend that the installation of the lamp be done by a qualified electrician, as we are not responsible for incorrect installation.

Restoration Reclaimed Lightsreclaimed lighting

This is done in many ways, depending on the type of lamp and the effect we want to get. We approach each lamp individually. Often we leave the lamp in its original state because of its very good condition and original paint give an amazing visual effect. It is mandatory to replace all basic components such as screws or electrical components, such as cables and holders.

Reclaimed industrial lighting allows us to identify ourselves with people who contribute to environmental sustainability. Mostly we use what was already created, only some elements are new. Lamps are in original condition, they come from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and rarely 1980s.

This is all part of history, for decades these salvaged lighting have not been produced. Nowadays, it’s hard to find something equally interesting. This is a completely different style than it used to be. Be sure to check out our other vintage industrial lighting products, you will surely find many interesting models.