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Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a great way to add style to your interior. They can be used in many interiors. Our vintage large pendant lighting adds amazing original character to many places, perfect for restaurants or bars. We also have many smaller and medium models that work well in the kitchen, living ares & bedrooms. Most of our lamps are great for high ceilings – single pendant can be a good addition in any place.
We have prepared for you a collection of original reclaimed industrial pendant lighting. At Retriko, you will find only original salvaged lights from the period between the 1920s and 1980s. Our products are mainly from Eastern Europe, formerly used in various places (mines, schools, industrial buildings, shops and many more …) We have many different types of pendants lights, click here to see them all.

Choose original Vintage Pendant Lighting not modern retro

What is the difference ? Modern retro pendants and original vintage pendants are not the same type of style. Modern products are made from cheaper materials and less attention to design. They are based on the products of the previous era. Generally they are a little cheaper because they are of poorer quality. Many people choose them because they are designed for economical LED bulbs and of course because of the price. It’s worth knowing that our old lamps are adapted to these bulbs. Today’s lamps are very often boring and will not last too long.

Original retro industrial pendant lighting available in our store, comes from the last century ( From the 1920s to the 1980s ). They have a very unique style, were made of other materials – especially steel, aluminium and cast iron – never plastic. Originally, they were adapted to strong incandescent bulbs. These lamps functioned very often in large halls and rooms. No worries ! We adapt them to modern standards. All lights available in the retriko have a new electrical components such as a lamp holder and cables. In this way they are adapted to energy-saving LED bulbs. Lamps undergo refreshing process depending on their condition. However, very often we find models which after several decades are still in very good condition. However, for security reasons, we always replace the basic elements.

Various models and styles

Today, retro and vintage industrial style is very popular, lighting companies are inspired by old vintage lamps to create new ones. Why? In the 1920s and 1970s, many companies competed to create unique lights. Companies have created several designs that were very well thought out and did not require any changes in the future. In Eastern Europe many models were created in three different sizes. The lights were built to survive as much as possible – after dozen years many have survive to this day. This is proof of how well the lighting was done and how great it looks.

Various colors are available – especially enamel lamps. Vintage style pendant lights were made using traditional methods. Under the influence of time, the enamel changes its shades, thus creating many different shades of color.

retro pendant lighting style

Fill the interior with our light

Want to have original unique style and character with history in your interior? It all depends on the space you have. For example, retro pendant lighting works great in kitchens, they also look amazing in bars, restaurants or offices. Be sure to check all our products and decide which model will perfectly fill your space. It is a great idea to combine different styles of lamps – their sizes, colors or models. It all depends on you, we invite you to visit our store more often. We constantly find new models that surprise us in every way.