Industrial Lighting from a previous era

Industrial lights are a very interesting part of any project whether it be a bar, hotel, home, restaurant, pub, café or other retail space. At Retriko we offer a wide selection of industrial lighting products, browse through a variety of lamps from different countries. We have such categories as, wall, floor, ceiling and table lighting. We ship worldwide, we invite you to watch all our vintage industrial lighting. Remember, all our lamps are original and they are Vintage. This means that they were produced in the 1920s-1980s. Our task is to find such lamps and renew them. This way you get a product that is fully ready and adapted to today’s lighting standards. With the difference that our lighting has a rare, original and unique style.

Industrial Pendant with glass, caged and top cast iron

Industrial Lighting Fixtures Origin

Since the 1920s the dynamic development of the lighting industry has started. Over this time, hundreds of companies around the world have competed to create a new unique product that will be the best. For decades, only dozens of companies have been surprised by new projects. In this way, lights were created that will last many years. Today we see the effects of this work, excellent unique design and the condition of the lamps after more than 50 years.

In those years, the industry was more spacious, there were a lot more buildings and a much smaller selection of lamps than today. Today is very popular industrial led lighting, which is cheap. However, the quality and style is very low compared to the industrial look of the previous era.

There was a serious problem, many factories from those years were closed, many buildings were abandoned. During the demolition no one paid any attention to this type of lighting. In this way countless lamps have been destroyed and there are still many waiting for their turn… Today these are very interesting products that will surely add a lot of character to your interior. There are many people for whom the lamps of the previous epoch are passion. That’s why the Retriko Online store was created. Many years before this store was built, there was a passion. Passion for such gorgeous style lamps, discovering different models from different countries. Over time, the collection of favorite lamps has grown and interest in such a unique product has increased. Then we decided to take care of the restoration of lamps for modern use and reclaiming industrial lighting from many places in the world.

abandoned places for lights

Between 1970 and 1980s, industrial lighting fixtures began to change significantly. Lighting companies have chosen another goal, the priority was to provide the cheapest product and reduce production costs. That is why the materials used to create the lamps were changed. Design lamps have ceased to matter so much. Now it was important to produce something that was cheap, easy and fast to produce. It meant only one, the lamps are now being created for a certain period of time. They will not last long, they are not like the older models that were created in order to survive as long as possible. In this way mass production of lamps made of plastic was started.

Original industrial looking lighting from the 1970s was most commonly made of steel (often coated with enamel), and the elements were often made of cast iron that was resistant to corrosion. The style of the lamps was very unique and the lights were well done.

Different lamp styles that are worth seeing

In many countries, a number of brands competing with each other in the creation of lighting. Many different models and solutions have been discovered, let’s take the example of vintage industrial lighting uk. There are many excellent companies like Revo, Benjamin Electric and G.E.C. They have created many unique designs that will surely interest you.

Another example will be Poland, there are many companies producing lighting, but let’s look at examples such as:

MESKO – They supplied lamps to many large industrial buildings. Lighting models were large and produced in several sizes. They produced street lighting that was delivered on many Polish streets.

ZAOS – Created many models that were also produced in three sizes. These lamps were good for large and small rooms due to the available sizes. Most models have a unique style, they are made of materials such as steel and cast iron. Lamps were enamelled which gave them beautiful colors, mostly shades of blue, gray and green.

enamel industrial lighting
industrial pendant lighting

Industrial lights from Eastern Europe

The countries of the former Eastern Bloc have a huge stock of vintage industrial lighting. Also very often the same models are available in three different sizes. However, the variety of style, colors and materials guarantees unique lighting. Today’s hard to create this type of lighting, they are very unique and original. Very interesting are the Soviet, Hungarian and former Czechoslovak lamps.
In addition, in western Europe you can find several models that were produced much longer but it’s difficult to determine the exact date, probably between 1995s and 1980s. Be sure to check all our products because we have models from many different countries, so you will discover how different styles are. The combination of styles and colors depends only on you, the appropriate connections give you amazing results.

Adaptation of lighting industrial to modern standards

No doubt this is the most time consuming work. Sometimes there are lamps in perfect condition, then we only need to replace the electrical components. However, almost all the lamps require replacement parts that are already in poor condition. The rest depends on what we want to achieve. At the beginning, we evaluate the state of the lamp and then decide what to do with it. The priority is to give a new flash for the lamp. The main thing is to preserve the original character of the lamp which is the main feature of this type of lighting. Every new lamp surprises us, so it’s always something new for us. We invite you to check out our collection of original industrial style lighting. With us you will create something new and unique.