Enamel Lights Shades Story

Enamel lighting is a great way to add authentic industrial style to your space. Let’s start with the definitions, these are factory lights which were used before in many industrial locations. At Retriko we are renovating the reclaimed vintage enamel lights. These are lights from the 1920s to the 1980s. Remember, at our store you will find only original vintage lamps, we find the old lighting and renew them. Enamel lamp shades are available in many different sizes, colours and models. The most popular enamel colors are green, white, blue, gray, cream and black. The largest quantity we have from eastern Europe. They are great for every industrial & retro style interiors. They perfectly fit in the kitchen, dining room, bars, offices, restaurants or cafes. Look at our collections of original vintage enamel shades, you will find them all here. I’m sure you fall in love with some model – it’s an original style with a character that fits very well with modern interiors.

vintage blue enamel with top cast iron and glass

Restoration old industrial enamel light

Before the enamel pendant light goes to the store must go through the restoration process. Depending on the state in which we find the light, we plan a renewal strategy. Very often we find lighting which is in very good condition, however we still have to prepare them to be ready for use. These are very old lights, so we need to make sure that all outdated components are removed. Then we always replace the electrical components and wiring in each enamel light shade. This is a mandatory activity that we perform in each lamp, regardless of the state of light. We adapt the light to modern standards, that is, LED bulbs. For this purpose, the old lamp holder is replaced by a new one which is adapted to modern bulbs including LED technology. We customize it depending on which country you want to use it for.

Then of course we change the wiring to new ones. We do all this for safety reasons, but remember – always ask for help the electrician with the right knowledge before connecting. We are not responsible for how the customer connects the lighting.

two enamel light shades with retro chair

We also replace other screws and components if required. Also, we polish the lamps to give them the previous luster. Most frequently we salvage enamel light shade very dirty, often stained with grease or other liquids that are difficult to remove.

Enamel Lamps ready for modern use

After all, the enamel pendant lighting are ready for use, adapted to modern lights standards. You can see all of them right here on Retriko. This is the lighting that has its own story, the next one is up to you.

New lamps are available from time to time, just check our website to see what’s new with us.

vintage enamel pendant lighting