Retriko – this is where you will find the unique lamp style. Remember that here you will find the lamps that we renew. We don’t make lamps, we are looking for industrial lighting in many abandoned places. Each lamp has a history, each coming from the last 20 century.
Lamps are original, it means they were created in 1920-1980. Our task is to properly renew the lamp and adapt to modern standards ( E27 holders, LED Lights and energy saving light bulbs ). We take care to show or keep the lamp in its original state because it has its own character and history.
Today you will not find lamps in such an original style, these are products available in limited quantities. I remind you that for several dozen years, these lamps are not produced.
The process of preparing a lamp for modern standards is dependent on the model and condition of the lamp. However, it is always a priority for every lighting to have new elements such as cables, lamp holders and screws.
We invite you to check our products, we provide a selection of many interesting models. We care about the variety of lamp styles, so they come from many European countries. In this way we can provide many different but very interesting vintage lights.


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