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Original reclaimed & salvaged lights. All lamps come from the 20th century. They have their real and interesting history.

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Our market is the place for original vintage and industrial lights from around the world.

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Reclaimed Original Vintage and Industrial Lighting from 20th century

Welcome to the Retriko, online industrial lighting shop. Here you will find lamps that come from many places in the world. We are constantly looking for new models to provide you a choice from a variety of products. Around the world there are hundreds of models, many countries have their own individual style – so you can find here unique original vintage lighting, which no longer produce anywhere. A very important and interesting fact is that all the retro lights have their own history. These lamps come from the 20th century, from various factories, shops, military and many industrial objects such as mines. They are then refurbished and restored. Learn more about the history of reclaimed lighting fixtures.

Remember that these lamps are original, we don’ produce these lamps, we renew them. Each lamp is rebuilt individually. In this way we want to keep the old real style and character. There are lamps, enamel, which very often have visible signs of use that give them character. In this case, we try to focus on the details and of course the exchange of basic elements. We do not destroy the enamel and patina because they give the character of the original lamps. – The lights are always prepared for today’s standards of e27 lamp holder adapted to different light bulbs. We have many categories available but you can see all our products here at the beginning of the page.

Each product is adapted to modern requirements, replacing all cables and important components. In this way, the product is technically ready to use, and we are confident that we have preserved its true nature and originality.
If you have a problem choosing a lamp then we highly recommend checking out our account on instagram or other social networking sites. You will find many of our projects that show how you can use the lamps, for example in the restuarant lighting, the bar, kitchen, office, hotel or many other interesting places. Proper selection of lamps to the interior can give you an amazing effect that will definitely make a huge impression for you. We recommend that you work with interior designers to help you choose the right lighting model.

So much for introduction, if you have any questions feel free to contact us. We wish you pleasant shopping, we do everything to make the site customized for you – easy and simple.